What have you been up to?

Today was a productive day! This morning I sent a bunch of emails for work while I sipped the delicious coffee E makes me every morning. Then, spent several hours researching a new project that hopefully will be successful enough to talk about here soon 🙂 Ate a very plant-based brunch ( Buttercup squash roasted and mashed with lard and chipotle spices, shredded red cabbage, bacon and frozen artichoke hearts heated in the bacon grease (soooo good!), with a spoonful of lardons to make the whole thing that much tastier.

This afternoon I went climbing with E, with a smidge of running to warm up before working on technique on four solid routes. I’m already getting sore! It feels good to get back into our exercise routine after so much (fun and exciting) interruption in August and September. This was followed by a highly successful grocery shopping trip –does anyone else ever buy metric tons of food and then have to do multiple victorious trips from the car to your home to get it all in? Yeah, today was one of those. BOY do we have some eating to do — I already dug into the jicama, and I’m eyeing those jumbo costco artichokes next for an appetizer. The rest of the evening is dedicated to scheming with E on our projects, and some high quality, kitten-accompanied relaxing.

Yes, kittens! Did I forget to introduce our newest fosters? meet Kira and Luna!


They’re not the Sparrows, but I sure do ❤ these gorgeous little munchkins.

A comment inspired by our grocery trip: This time of year, I’m really grateful we’re Paleo bc Halloween candy and tempting and not recognizing it’s food.

I’m inspired to make a comment by the truly ridiculous marketing of Halloween sugar products we saw in two of the three grocery stores we went to today (yes, we go to three. Trader Joe’s wins!) I am so grateful to have found Paleo with E. I have as much of a sweet tooth as anyone else, but finding this subculture of science-based food choices that emphasizes quality ingredients and the discovery of what you personally tolerate to is so empowering, especially during a time when a stupid American tradition (yes, stupid. seriously, why is this a thing) shoves tempting food-like poisons at you for weeks at a time. I’m so glad that I no longer recognize those candies as food, and it wouldn’t even occur to me to eat one even if someone handed it to me. Taking it off the table completely means that it doesn’t take any willpower to avoid it (corn chips, now that’s another story….MMM.), and life is so much easier. I can focus on things that are worth the money and foods that will actually bring me joy, good tastes (without weird chemical aftertastes, I’m looking at you, former favorite thing ever Reese’s cups), and brings me closer to good health rather than farther from it.

To be clear, we definitely eat treats — just not treats made with chemicals, high-fructore corn syrup, weird preservatives, or industrial-byproducts.

This thought I had ties in closely with my thoughts on the Whole 30 we’re doing, but I’ll save those ideas for another post.

Bartholomew says Happy Bartolomé day!

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