Brunch today!


Late breakfast at home today! Red cabbage/carrots shredded (my new favorite thing), romanesco, parsnip mash, lardons, and cracklins. We don’t currently have any quick protein prepared (not really feeling like eggs lately!) and I’m not in the mood for sardines. I figure that there are plenty of times when I eat lots of meat and not enough vegetables, so it’s probably fine to balance that out with the occasional low-on-meat meal. Besides, the lardons and cracklins are SUPER filling. We finally found a method of making the cracklins that we love! It turned out puffy, fluffy, easy to chew pork skin, plus TONS of extra lard + lardons off the skin.

We’ve decided to do a Whole30 (or longer) for at least the month of October (we started a few days early though). This only means a few small changes from our normal routine: none of our regular eating out (rice and corn are off limits for this month, as are the gluten-free english muffin breakfast sandwiches at our new favorite coffee spot). Also, no honey or maple syrup as part of an after-dinner treat (baklava innards was last month’s new trick!)

I’m actually cheating just a tiny bit, because the dressing for my shredded cabbage up there is apple cider vinegar, honey, and lime juice. I am SO excited to have finally found a way of eating a brassica plant that I love (shout-out to Cave Girl Eats for the awesome recipe in one of her emails) , and the trade-off of a bit of honey for the ability/willingness to eat red cabbage, even during an otherwise-treat-free-month, is totally worth it. Also, I had already made it before we decided to clean it up during October, and throwing food away is no bueno 🙂


A few other things we’ve been doing around here to work on getting more nutrition in regularly is to get more liver and more gelatin in. I have two tricks I’ve been using for gelatin, which I might post about later. Aside from trying new ways of cooking liver regularly (liver in burgers! Pâté! Liver and onions! I hate them all.), I decided that it’s important enough to cheat. We’re going to keep trying to find a manageable way to actually eat the stuff, but in the meantime, I purchased desiccated liver powder and some empty gelatin capsules, and made some home-made liver pills! Definitely not ideal, but they’re affordable, easy (and kind of fun) to make, and they go down SUPER easy.

Do any of you have any tips on getting in more nutrient-dense foods? Holla!

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