Media round-up from the last couple weeks

An interesting new take on advertising from Chipotle. I like the effort the put into it, and the fact that they assume their customers consume thoughtfully. I know America is often generalized as a nation of wallet-holders with no taste who will purchase and ingest anything wrapped in cellophane. But I don’t live in that America. Also, I ate at Chipotle last month for the first time ever, and it was a total life-saver. And 99%  healthy (Meat, vegetables, some white rice! I don’t like that they cook everything in soy oil, but whatcha gonna do.). Also, I usually despise everything Willy Wonka, but how about that song, huh? Kind of great.

A short, fast-paced summary of the US’s current economic and healthcare conversation. A tl;dr for half the problems in this country right now.

Generational commentary: Here, and here. As a member of either Generation Y or the millenials (are they now the same thing? Shouldn’t we wait five minutes to draw these lines so we don’t have to change them depending on the sweeping generalizations we’d like to make this week?), I find the sheer quantity of self-righteous “young people are useless” op-ed pieces fascinating. Why are these even being published? I do enjoy the comments (er, facts?) presented in the second article. Among my numerous and enthusiastic other opinions on these ideas, it’s irritating that instead of trying to solve problems, some folks seem to enjoy pointing at other groups and publicly pontificating  on how much they suck. Who does that help?

What do you guys think? Feel free to leave comments or opinions!

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