A year from now, what would you like to be able to do?

When I was in middle school, I read a little nugget that I still use to organize my hobbies and my life. By focusing on the end goal, it makes it so much easier to put in work day after day, especially on voluntary projects or towards personal goals. What if, a year from now, you could wake up, decide to run a few miles, and just lace up your shoes and go? For me right now, the thought of this is laughable (I am the anti-runner. I like walking.). But I would like to be able to run short or medium distances — I feel like it’s an important skill as a human, and would be a sign of improved basic health.

I use this approach as motivation for many different projects, including rock climbing, computer programming, learning languages (я немного говорю по-русский, но я понимаю основы), and juggling. A little bit of practice each day or each week goes a long way. I’m not trying to be an expert at any of these, I just like to dabble.

In reality, I know I dabble too much, and could benefit from focusing on a single project for longer. But for now, this fits 🙂

As an aside, all the kittens have finally been adopted! We recently received this adorable picture of Bartholomew and Ziggy happily snuggled together at their new home.


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