Our time fostering the Sparrows is almost at an end — Princess has gone home to a wonderful family, and the Bartholomew and Ziggy managed to get themselves adopted together even though the couple initially only wanted one. Those boys could charm anybody 🙂 Hectorina (aka Calypso) is the last one left, but she too has an adopter all lined up and should be headed home in just a few days.


This experience has for the most part been extremely positive. E and I have learned a ton about cats and about life, and about working as a team and “parenting” baby kitties. We struggled with keeping little Earl alive as long as we could, and keeping our apartment in one piece as these little claw machines sharpened their nails on one fun new surface after another. My entire apartment is covered in a thin layer of pine-dust from the litter we use, and the couch is still half-heartedly draped in towels to protect it from high-speed chases. The folks down at Pet Valu have been incredibly supportive, getting to know us, giving invaluable advice on caring for sick kitties, and helping us find food in the donations box so we wouldn’t go broke feeding these hungry little mongrels.


The BARCS staff are very enthusiastic folks who are up-front about the dire situation with so many animals coming into the shelter (thousands and thousands every year). They’re great about asking for help when the shelter is full.



I’m fostering because I can, because I love animals and want to have them around me, because I’m not ready to adopt yet, and because it is a positive service that I can do for my community. That it connects me with interesting, usually crazy, but generally very nice like-minded people who have also opened their hearts and homes to stray animals has been an additional plus.


These are just four of the dozens and dozens of kittens that did not grow up in a cage in the shelter this summer because of the fostering program.

I’m so happy they’re all going to such wonderful homes, but I already miss them. Here’s a few pictures from way back in the beginning:






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