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Media round-up from the last couple weeks

An interesting new take on advertising from Chipotle. I like the effort the put into it, and the fact that they assume their customers consume thoughtfully. I know America is often generalized as a nation of wallet-holders with no taste … Continue reading

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Sunday cook-day!

Today we made (coffee, obviously), sweet potato/turnip hash, balls-o-meat (the word meatball is just weird),  and now I’m aiming for Couve a Mineira! Giving the trusty cast-iron pan a work out today for sure. Fingers crossed this one comes out well … Continue reading

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One of my favorite life-long hobbies has been reading far too deeply into pop music. I LOVE radio. As soon as I got my first cd player (I grew up listening mostly to tapes. how weird is that), mp3 player, … Continue reading

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Dinner and Breakfast

My dinner last night: meatballs, cooked baby carrots, red cabbage with lardons, and leftover banana pancakes from this weekend. E’s birthday(!) breakfast this morning: Moka-pot coffee with coconut milk, duck eggs with basil, lardons, and banana pancakes. Happy birthday, babe! … Continue reading

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Once the Sparrow litter was all shipped out to new homes, our apartment seemed much too quiet. The kittens took up a huge amount of time and energy. A lot of this effort was part of a steep learning curve, … Continue reading

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A year from now, what would you like to be able to do?

When I was in middle school, I read a little nugget that I still use to organize my hobbies and my life. By focusing on the end goal, it makes it so much easier to put in work day after … Continue reading

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It’s been increasing clear to me over the last year or so that computer programming is a vital skill to have, and will only become more useful as technologies further develop. No matter what discipline your work or hobbies fall under, … Continue reading

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