Summer trip!

E and I got back last weekend from a whirl-wind tour of New England! Ten states (teeny weeny NE states, but still) in one long drive. Between graduation and KILLER Indian food in Providence, relaxing, walking around, trying new restaurants and eating way too much ice cream in Boston, visiting family in New Hampshire, and camping in Acadia National Park in Maine, it was an incredible trip!





















The Brown graduation ceremony was totally unorganized (goTERPS) and absolutely freezing, and sort of wet and muddy. BUT it was great to see E in his robes, and everyone all dolled up and giving speeches and trying to speak Latin (I have some HILARIOUS video footage of the dean sounding sort of drunk trying to stumbling through the recitations). Excitement aside, I like spending time in Providence! It’s a cute little town with interesting architecture, the people are friendly, and they have two totally legit Indian restaurants that have for-real gluten-free food/dedicated fryers (PAKURAS). I may have gotten hyderabadi lamb two days in a row. And I might have also eaten half of E’s dosas and most of his rogan josh too. I am unstoppable.

We took a few days to see friends and relax in Boston before jumping back in the car and heading up to Acadia! On the way we stopped in Freeport for some seafood at Harraseeket (Protip: get a bigger lobster and twice the number of clams for the same price as their special, just without the ear of corn. Even more important Protip: BYOButter, because while the sea critters were delish, the “butter” was more like flavored vegetable oil, not tasty at all, and resulted in more than one tummy-ache.)

The first night at Acadia went perfectly. Tent up, huge fire, cooked meat and veggies wrapped in foil with butter and a side of Merlot. The next day it rained the ENTIRE day. We stopped off for some coffee and to warm up at Two Cats in Bar Harbor (see the mug above? SUCH a cute place, and their omelettes are gluten-free and super tasty). Other than that, we spent all day cooped up in the tent, which would have been miserable, except being with E makes everything fun. So we made it to Thursday morning dry, warm, and with spirits high just in time for the most GORGEOUS day in the most GORGEOUS place. E has all the pictures of the hikes and the cliffs on his phone, so check out his Facebook page for those beauties. The clouds were still dissipating into misty fog on the ocean; there were falcons flying around the rocky cliffs, beaches full of boulder and forests covered in different mosses with both huge and tiny trees. In the afternoon, we did the Beehive hike (which I highly recommend as long as you read about it first. Which we did not…) followed by some beach time and more lounging on the seaside boulders. The rest of the trip was filled with that sort of top-notch magnificence, more hikes, sunburns, tasty food, bonfires, and woodchuck’s summer cider, which, apparently, has blueberry juice in it and does a happy tango on my taste buds.

We recouped in Boston, spending some time in NH and checking out the major Boston-area rock gym. Metrorock was almost big enough to rival the Rockville Earthtreks, and has a huge amount of fabulous top-rope routes. The bouldering walls are pretty short though, and the movements are set differently so that would take some adjusting. Also, the ropes they use are far more elastic than the ones I’m used to down in Maryland, so it was a much bouncier experience than I was used to (so “take!” is followed by drooping down ten feet and oscillating up and down next to the wall). Overall not bad! Aside from the crazy drive through the jam-pack tunnels to get there, I could see myself settling in at a gym like that. Not that we’re moving to Boston or anything. But you never know 🙂

On the drive back home, we stopped for lunch at E’s undergrad campus, taking a tour of the tiny but beautiful campus in Great Barrington. We grabbed a few GF pizzas at his old favorite pizza joint, Baba Louie’s. The pies were delish, but the gluten-free-ness of it was questionable (potential for cross contamination in the kitchen) and it left both of us not feeling great. But sometimes that happens! Still a super cute little joint with awesome topping selections. And it makes me even happier to be home eating clean and feeling great.

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