More from April

One of the many many things that happened all at the same time in April was that my baby brother had his Junior Recital at UMD as part of his French horn performance major! And this on top of his math major coursework. Talk about making us all look bad.

It was phenomenal! He played by himself (occasionally accompanied by a pianist) on a stage for over THIRTY MINUTES and I swear he didn’t make one mistake. If it was me, I probably would have walked on, peed myself, and walked off. But not baby brother. Nope; he played so strong and loud it would have made a lesser man’s lips fall off. His awesome girlfriend and trusty big brother were clicking away the whole time on their Serious Business Photographer cameras whenever they thought the clicking wouldn’t be too disruptive..awkward in a quiet recital hall, but they both got some great shots. Like these:





numba 1 fans

E and I waiting for the show to begin

Incidentally, today is baby bro’s 21st birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE BEST BUTCHER BAKER CANDLE-STICK-MAKER IN THA WORLD! yup.

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