Guess what?

It’s May! Which you probably already knew. Alas, faithful reader, I have not scripted for you an update in many months…because precisely five hundred billion things decided to happen, all at once! Probably the largest and most exciting was that WE MOVED!



Because E ended up with a last-minute switch to a prestigious post-defense gig in Baltimore, and I work 30 minutes south of Baltimore, we decided that it no longer made sense to live in Rockville. Cue massive planning and research session, light-speed acquisition of the PERFECT apartment; sorting through and personally picking up and carrying each and every item we both own from old place to new. Except the vacuum and the bed frame. I hated those so they stayed. Harrumph.

Probably ten full bags of stuff got donated to goodwill throughout the process, and more thrown out. It feels good not to be weighed down mentally (and physically) by junk.

This all happened in the weeks leading up to my self-imposed masochistic exercise for the spring, the FE.


As weird as it sounds, it was refreshing to have consistent evening schedule of studying — reviewing old forgotten stuff and learning some new stuff (charpy impact test, yay I totally know what that does! oh shoot now I forget.) It has been a long darn time since I had to take a scantron test, and a longer darn time since I had to take 8 hours of scantron test, and thank goodness. Now I only have to wait another month to for them to score said scantron test. Good thing there are 82 projects going on between E and I to keep me busy!

Until I update about them, enjoy this warm weather! SO nice to see the sun after a springtime full of meteorological nonsense.


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