grass-fed goodness!

The past two weeks have consisted of a lot of catching up on work, sleep, and relaxing. Here is the start of a gorgeous dinner last week. I am SO lucky to have Master Chef E churning out noms after noms after noms everyday to keep us powered.

caveman-style cooking

banana and pumpkin pancakes!

We were really fortunate that Hurricane Sandy didn’t hit us too hard over here northwest of DC, although we had to do some pretty hefty travel-reschedule do to the storm. While we were hiding inside listening to the wind and hoping to keep power, we experimented with banana and pumpkin pancakes. I say experimented because we eat paleo, so we don’t use (or even own) any flour or sugar, and because I was too lazy to look up a recipe.

I beat some eggs, added either mashed banana or canned pumpkin until a reasonable consistency was achieved, and added a dash of salt and generous spices (cinnamon and pumpkin pie spice) to both batches. Then fried them up in some coconut oil. The banana pancakes came out AMAZING, and we actually made them like 4 more times that week. The pumpkin ones would have benefitted from a sweetener — if I had added some honey or blackstrap molasses, I suspect they would have been just as much of a hit with my personal taster (E).

We tend to cycle through ingredients we use heavily every few months, and E and I are definitely on a banana streak right now. We’ve been making banana pancakes, banana scramble, banana-based oatmeal, banana muffins, and my favorite dessert of all time (well, right now), which is just mashed banana with some spices. Sounds boring. Is not. All these creations are free of grains, dairy, and legumes, and all the more delicious for it.

I partook in another favorite activity of mine this weekend: looking after this little guy.

look at that fluffy fluffy puppy

Here he’s trying to pretend he’s too cool for school, but he’s really a cuddling machine.

Friends went out of town, so I once again assumed my role as dog-watcher. Starting my mornings being walked by this little canine really makes me appreciate the value of a long walk every day, both physically and for mental health purposes. I’m so excited that one day I’ll be able to adopt a dog of my own, but until then, Poodle McPoodlerson is a good stand-in. 🙂

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